How To Make A Car In Minecraft on PC and Mobile

Minecraft is a unique game that comes with endless possibilities. With a few permutations and combinations of different blocks, you can create multiple objects in Minecraft APK including vehicles. You can now create helicopters, cars, and more in Minecraft’s creative mode. Although there are still some limitations to using a vehicle in the game, it is still an exciting object to make that can enhance your experience.

For those who are new to Minecraft or are exploring the game, here is a complete guide on how to make a car in Minecraft APK. Here, we will explain in detail how you can make a car in Minecraft on mobile, PC, or console.

How To Make A Car In Minecraft On Windows 10 and Mac?

Build a Car In Minecraft On PC or Mac
Build a Car In Minecraft On PC or Mac


The steps to build a car in Minecraft on Windows or Mac are the same. Here are all the steps you need to follow to easily build a car in Minecraft APK.

  • Start a Minecraft game and choose the game mode as “creative mode”. Through this, you get access to unlimited resources.
  • Hit the “E” Key on your keyboard and open the inventory.
  • Move the piston, Redstone block, slime block, and sticky piston to the bar below the inventory.
  • Now, look for an uncluttered and flat area.
  • Use slime blocks to make two parallel rows and two blocks connecting the rows in the center. The construction will now look like a giant letter H.
  • Repeat the same step and create another H. Now, place the new H over the previous one.
  • Remove the bottom slime blocks rows.
  • From one end of the car, place the slime block in the center. Now, place a piston over it and again remove the slime block.
  • When done, replace the two slime blocks present in the middle with the sticky piston.
  • Next, place a regular piston in replacement for the sticky piston present closer to the front of your vehicle.
  • When done, put a Redstone block on the top of the slime block present in the middle of the car’s front row.
  • Similarly, place the Redstone block on the sticky piston and middle of the back row.
  • You can sit anywhere in your car apart from on the Redstone block.

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How To Make A Car In Minecraft In Pocket Edition?

Make A Car In Minecraft In Pocket Edition
Make A Car In Minecraft In Pocket Edition


Minecraft Pocket Edition is available for mobile users. Below we have listed steps that you can follow to build a car in Minecraft pocket edition.

  • Launch a Minecraft game on your system and in the game mode choose Creative. This will give you access to resources.
  • Tap on three dots and inventory will open up.
  • Move the Redstone block, sticky piston, regular piston, and slime block to the bar present underneath the inventory.
  • Look for a suitable flat and uncluttered surface.
  • Use the slime blocks to create two parallel rows and then connect the two rows with two more slime blocks in the center. This will create a giant H structure.
  • Repeat the previous step and create a new structure. Place this new structure over the previous one.
  • To give your structure the look of a car, remove the slime blocks from the bottom row.
  • Now, put a slime block from the ground in the center of your car and then put a piston over it.
  • Replace the two slime blocks from the middle connecting the rows with the sticky piston.
  • Between the slime blocks present above the sticky piston, place an observer and ensure that it is facing upside down.
  • Now, you need to put a piston beside the slime block that connects the two rows of slime block. You can choose to place it either on the right or left.
  • When done, you will have to replace the wheels of your car with black concrete or any other building material you prefer.
  • You can sit anywhere in your car except on the Redstone blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I build a moving car in Minecraft APK?

Yes, you can create a moving car in Minecraft. Note that you can not change the car’s direction but you can create a car that only moves in the forward direction.

I am unable to turn my car in Minecraft. What can I do?

Here, we have explained to you the steps to make a car without a steering wheel. In Minecraft, you can create a ship steering wheel but it will be bulky for a car. Note that you can not create a steering wheel for a car in Minecraft’s original version and if you wish to create a car steering wheel, you can try using mod Minecraft apk.

How can I drive my car in Minecraft?

In the Vanilla Minecraft, you can not turn the car but only drive it in one direction. You can only make your car move and stop. To move your car, you will have to remove the Redstone block and to again stop the car, you will have to put the Redstone block back. Since you would require a lot of Redstone blocks, it is recommended to play the game in creative mode rather than survival mode.

Can I make a car in survival mode?

Yes, you can build a car in Minecraft’s survival mode but it is quite difficult since you do not have all the resources that you need or it may take some time to find all the resources.


Hopefully, the article helped you make a car in Minecraft in just a few steps. Although it is fun to make, it is treated mostly as an accessory in the game and not as a mode of transportation.

Building a car in Minecraft survival mode is comparatively more difficult than creative mode. Moreover, you can also download Minecraft’s mod app to create more such vehicles including buses, trains, planes, and tractors.

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