How To Build A Volcano In Minecraft: A Complete Guide

Minecraft is a game of creativity where you can create different structures. One of the most popular and coolest structures in Minecraft APK is a volcano.

So, whether you are building a science experiment, Tiki Island, or just want to mess with lava, there are different ways available in Minecraft that you can use to create a volcano. Not only this, there are different types of volcanoes that you can create. You can also Minecraft mod apk in multiplayer mode, allowing you to build volcanoes with your friends.

If you are new to the game or exploring volcanoes in Minecraft apk, here, we have explained to you how you can build a volcano in Minecraft in easy steps.

Types Of Volcano Builds In Minecraft

You need to know about volcano maps to build volcanoes in Minecraft. You can experience various adventures by building and creating resources or volcanoes in these maps. You can create volcanoes of different types, shapes, and sizes however, you need to gather all the required resources to build such volcanoes.

Majorly, you can create the following 4 types of volcanoes in Minecraft apk:

  • Shield
  • Cinder cone
  • Lava domes
  • Composite

How To Build A Volcano In Minecraft APK?

Volcano Minecraft

Building a Volcano in Minecraft APK is quite easy. There are different methods that you can use to build a volcano and the only limitation here is your imagination. Here, we have explained to you the following two methods in detail that you can use to build a volcano:

  • Build a volcano
  • Build a mini volcano

Method 1: Build A Volcano

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to find a mountain you wish to convert into a volcano or you can build your own mountain. Although beginners may prefer to use a pre-existing mountain, building a mountain on your own is also easy.

Step 2: Now, the next step is to build a pyramid. For this, you need to create a circle or a square and on top of this structure, you will have to put an outline of blocks. Keep creating these outlines one block shorter until you have only one block left on the top. The inside of this pyramid must be hollow.

Step 3: Now that you have created a pyramid, you will have to sculpt the volcano in the correct shape by adding or subtracting blocks. As a beginner, you can also choose to stick to the pyramid shape rather than changing it. When done, you need to remove the block from the top. Also, build a small platform of 3-4 layers under the top of your volcano. Ensure there are no holes among these layers.

Step 4: Now that the platform is ready, you need to fill the pyramid with lava. Here, you can make small openings or cuts on the side of the mountain or let it bubble till it reaches the top.

Step 5: In this step, we need to shoot sparks out of the volcano. For this, you can use various tools like ignition, dispensers, and arrows. Although this can take a lot of work, keeping dispensers on this platform and filling it with redstone torches and arrows can help you.

Step 6: It’s time for an explosion now. In the crater, you need to place an obsidian layer because it will not explode. After this, you have to place an ignition block and finally fill the complete platform with a TNT layer. On the top 4-5 layers, filled with gravel, and on the top 1-2 layers, pour lava. Ignite the volcano and that’s it.

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Method 2: Build A Mini Volcano

Step 1: Look for a place where you want to build a volcano. You can choose between water or land.

Step 2: Now, you need to start building a mini volcano. You can make it however you like.

Step 3: In this structure, you need to pour lava on top.

Step 4: After pouring the lava, you need to cool the structure. For this, pour water on top of the lava. A cobblestone layer will be formed over your volcano.

Step 5: When done, use a bucket to scoop extra water from it.

Step 6: Repeat 1-5 steps to grow the volcano.

Step 7: You can now start decorating the volcano. For this, use ice, snow, or grass blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a volcano biome present in the Minecraft app?

Yes, you can find a volcano biome in the Minecraft APK.

What do you mean by a Volcano biome?

The volcano biome is a rare biome made up of basalt. They are usually mountains and lava lakes, stones and magma blocks usually surround them.

Does lava move too fast in Minecraft?

No, the lava doesn’t move very fast in Minecraft. You will get enough time to escape from the volcanoes.

Can I generate lava in the Minecraft game?

Yes, to generate Lava in your Minecraft world, you can use a bucket. Moreover, you can use commands like /setblock or /fill but you can not give /give commands to create lava.

How can I become lava-proof in Minecraft?

The potion of fire resistance can help you gain immunity from lava, fire, and magma.


Volcanos are fun to build and ignite. There are two methods you can use to build a volcano in Minecraft including building a mini volcano and building one from scratch.

You can easily download the Minecraft mod apk on Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and Androids and enjoy added features along with creative structures like volcanoes. Download the latest version of Minecraft from here and enjoy the unlimited features of the game.

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