Minecraft APK Download v1.20.70.24 Free For Android

Minecraft APK is a creative game made up of creatures, blocks, and communities. You can use these blocks to reshape or build a world of your choice and preferences. You can befriend or fight with other creatures depending upon your playing style.

Other than this, you can either play solo or with your friends. If asked, there is no right way to play this game especially if you are not digging straight up.

However, you need to gain new and upgraded resources to win this game but this is impossible without proper skills. This may take more time than you would imagine. Therefore, the only way to speed up the process is to download mod Minecraft for Android or iOS from here.

This mod Minecraft APK offers you better and enhanced features than the official version of the application. Apart from free access to a lot of resources, you can unlock different playing modes and multiple locations on the map.

The best part about this mod Minecraft apk is that this is an anti-ban and secure version to ensure it works best with Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows. You can easily perform the Minecraft apk download on your preferred device by following all the steps here.

Information About Minecraft APK

Before downloading mod Minecraft for Android, go through the following important information about the APK file.

Application Name Minecraft APK
Compatible With Android 5.0 and up
Updated Frequently
Size 210
Category Arcade
Mod Features Immortality and premium skins
Version V1.20.70.21
Price Free
Developer Mojang

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What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is made up of two verbs, “to mine” & “to craft”. Well, the Minecraft game is about crafting and mining. This is a game of creatures, communities, and building blocks, and here, you can create new things, build artwork, or survive at night using different available skins and textures.

The best thing about Minecraft is that there is no specific method to play the game. You can play it the way you want. Sometimes, Minecraft is also known as a sandbox game because you get to do a lot of adventures and activities for free.

Minecraft is a game for those who love being creative. You can build castles, houses, and a world of your imagination using building blocks. At the same time, you can also explore the whole world and face challenges to build some adventure in the game.

To build a house or castle, you can use broken, placed, or crafted blocks to restructure the current landscape and build castles of your imagination. Moreover, you can befriend or fight with creatures depending on your strategy of the gameplay.

In this world of Minecraft, you will find everything between creativity and innovation. With the help of other properties and players, you can also unlock mechanical blocks.

Minecraft is for everyone who loves to create and innovate. The Minecraft apk is now available on Mac, Windows, Xbox, Windows Mobile, Fire OS/TV, PlayStation 4 and 5, Linux, Android, Samsung Gear VR, and Nintendo Switch.

Key Features Of Minecraft APK

Features Of Minecraft APP
Features Of Minecraft APP

There are numerous features of Minecraft that make it a top choice among gamers. The best part about the game is that you can play it with an internet connection which makes it accessible to you almost everywhere. Below we have discussed all the key features of Minecraft for mobile and other versions for you.

Open World Environment

Open World Environment
Open World Environment in Minecraft


Minecraft offers an open-world environment that is approximately 4X in square kilometers as the Earth. With that being said, it can be said that Minecraft has infinite maps to offer, featuring new possibilities everywhere.

Now, to gather resources, you will have to go underground because of the forest dungeons, deserts, and many other things. You can also cut and mine trees in Minecraft.

Free Download

Free Download in minecraft
Free Download in Minecraft

Another major key feature of Minecraft for mobile is that the application can be downloaded for free on all platforms. You do not have to pay anything to download the application.

Customized Skins

Customized Skins in minecraft
Customized Skins in Minecraft

Different skin packs are available in Minecraft APK that you can buy. You can choose your favorite ones and buy them for yourself. Updating your looks is important to make the game exciting and beautiful throughout. These skins are available in the marketplace and if you want, you can share your skin designs in the market. These skins are available in Minecraft for Android and PC.

Unique Gameplay

Unique Gameplay In Minecraft
Unique Gameplay In Minecraft

If you want to find scary things like caves and level up on your own in Minecraft, there are many things to learn. But if you want to be brave and get gems, you have to show your courage. In addition, Minecraft has crafting every day, so you can make armor, swords, and tools for building and mining. You can also join events in the game with your friends and family to learn new and interesting things.

Unlimited Resources

Unlimited Resources in Minecraft
Unlimited Resources in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can mine unlimited resources available in the inventory. These resources then can be used to create things in your world including villages. The main resources that you will find in the game include diamond, wood, iron, Redstone, coal, and obsidian. Moreover, you can get these resources for free in the creative mode.

Modes In Minecraft APK Download

Modes in Minecraft
Modes in Minecraft


There are two modes available in Minecraft gameplay. Both modes have their own advantages, disadvantages, and features. You can choose the mode of your choice as per your expertise or interest. The two modes available in Minecraft APK are:

Creative Mode

Creative Modes in Minecraft
Creative Modes in Minecraft

Creative mode is an advanced and most stunning mode in the game. In this mode, you can craft different items and create villages and worlds for yourself. You will get almost everything at your fingertips in creative mode. In this mode, you’ll have access to an inventory that you can use to store the resources that you get and earn. Here, you can use unlimited resources.

Unlike survival mode, you do not need to chop any trees and the most interesting thing about this mode is that you can fly in this mode. You will also get a chat option here where you can type different commands to switch between different modes and worlds.

Survival Mode

Survival Mode in Minecraft
Survival Mode in Minecraft

It is the basic and beginner’s mode of Minecraft APK. This mode is for those players who wish to learn more about Minecraft. Here, you need to chop wood for your survival. Unlike creative mode, in survival mode, you have no access to unlimited resources which makes it difficult to create villages or craft any items.

You are required to fight for your survival in this mode especially when mobs hit you at night. However, in this mode, it is easier to respawn. This mode is endless and you have to travel from deep oceans to forests to deserts to survive. Although you get no activate command and cheats in this mode, you get different achievements in this mode for every challenge you face.

Updates of Mod Minecraft APK

Updates of Mod Minecraft APK
Updates of Mod Minecraft APK

Since this is a modified version of Minecraft APK, it offers you added features and functionalities to make the game more easy and fun for you. Here, we have listed all the features of mod Minecraft for Android and iOS.

Enhanced Inventory System

Enhanced Inventory System in Minecraft
Enhanced Inventory System in Minecraft

Inventory is the major part of Minecraft and different shortcuts can be used to access inventory in Minecraft. These shortcuts can be quite overwhelming for players, especially the new ones. Therefore, most players spend most of their time managing the resources available in their inventory.

In Minecraft apk, different mouse shortcuts and mods are introduced for easy movement of inventory items.

Ad Free Platform

Minecraft is Ad Free Platform
Minecraft is Ad Free Platform


Despite being a third-party platform, mod Minecraft apk is an ad-free platform. You get no third-party or in vain ads that can disrupt your game or distract you while streaming.

Shader Support

Minecraft Shader Support
Minecraft Shader Support

Shaders are generally used to enhance the shadow, reflection quality, and lightning of the game. They have now gained popularity among games because of their efficiency. Shaders can also run well on low-end systems without even slowing down.

Considering the popularity of shaders, developers allowed players to add shader support to the game’s vanilla version. The method to install the same is quite simple.

Low Space App

You must be able to play the game even if you are using a low-end system. The mod Minecraft apk is small in size and will not take up much space on your system. Because of the small size, the application will smoothly on devices with less RAM.

Enhanced GUI System

In Minecraft, certain block menus provide a guide to help make things quickly, but it might confuse some players. So, adding mod features with a better menu system could be a good improvement to the game.

Great Food Alternatives

Since the saturation levels are different, confusion may arise among new players and the players may end up losing hunger-replenishing powers. Mods such as Apple skin are a great addition for beginners as they can now choose the best option for them and decide which food is better to survive in Minecraft.

Craftable Furniture

The main idea of Minecraft is to craft, mine, and build new things. Although you will find different building blocks to craft innovative exteriors of the world, there are no options when it comes to crafting indoor items of a house. Therefore, in mod Minecraft for iOS and Android, the developers have added craftable furniture, allowing players to craft items inside the house as well.

Enhanced Video Settings

One of the most unique Minecraft mods is Optifine. This mod comes with different video settings that beginners and pro players can benefit from. It allows you to set settings on low load and offers you more control over the game on your PC.


Most beginners struggle to find an exact location in the game without a map. Therefore, a mod is added to the vanilla version of Minecraft APK that offers a map that you can use to explore the area without any issues.

Minecraft APK Download and Installation Guide

Now that you are aware of what mod Minecraft APK is and what features you get in the APK file, here is a complete Minecraft download and installation guide for you. Follow all the steps, respective to the type of device you are using, properly to easily install Minecraft on your device without any issues.


  • Click on the download option available.
  • Go to the settings option. Choose to download from unknown sources.
  • Download the mod Minecraft for Android.
  • On download completion, click on the install option.
  • Follow all the instructions appearing on your screen to install the file.
  • When done, create an account and you can start playing the game.

PC and Mac

  • Search for a compatible emulator for your PC. Download and install the same.
  • Look for the Minecraft mod apk.
  • Start Minecraft on the device.
  • In the upper right-hand side of your screen, a game directory option will appear.
  • Here, check for the “mods” folder and if there is no such folder, create a folder with that name.
  • Copy and paste all the downloaded mod Minecraft apk files into this directory.
  • Restart the Minecraft launcher to load the mod files.
  • Now, restart the Minecraft launcher and go to the profile option. Here, look for the Minecraft forge option. Your mods are now installed and ready to be used.


  • To begin with, download and install MCPE addons from the app store.
  • Now, in the application, find and download the mod file that you wish to try.
  • Choose to install the mods by starting the game from the app menu.
  • You can then see and access all the mods under the resource pack folder available on the left side of your screen.
  • Activate the one you want by clicking on the “play’’ option.

How To Play Minecraft On Different Devices?

Minecraft apk is frequently updated ensuring no more bugs and glitches remain in the game. However, there are different ways to play Minecraft on different devices including mobile and laptops.

Steps To Play Minecraft APK via Buttons

Since Minecraft is an advanced game, it can be played on different versions of the same platform. However, the interface remains the same. Here is how you can play Minecraft APK using buttons.

  • ESC: Use it to switch between the menu and the game. You can return back to the game and then to the menu.
  • E: It is used to operate the inventory in the creative mode. This allows you to see all the building blocks at your disposal.
  • T: This opens the chat window. Tap on the return button and your message will be sent.
  • C: It is used to start the code builder.
  • /: It is used to start the chat window and / is already typed.
  • F1: It indicates the visibility of the toggle interface. This comes in handy to take a screenshot of the gaming interface.
  • 1-9: It helps you choose the correct slot in the hotbar.
  • F5: This is used to switch between the perspective of the first, second, and third player and then switch back to the first one.
  • Q: this is to drop the item that you are carrying.

Steps To Play Minecraft APK On A Laptop

Note that to run Minecraft Mod Apk for PC, you are required to download a compatible emulator. Here are the steps that you need to follow to play Minecraft APK on the laptop.

  • On the Microsoft store, look for Minecraft APK, Minecraft java edition apk, free Minecraft download, or Minecraft Apk mod for a laptop.
  • Login to your Minecraft APK using your Microsoft account. In case you already have a Mojang account and you still have not migrated it, it is recommended to get an account before redeeming.
  • It is important to migrate your Mojang account to easily play Minecraft in multiplayer mode.
  • After signing in to your account, you will see a “get’’ option rather than a ‘’buy’’ option.
  • You can now start playing Minecraft on your laptop.

Steps To Play Minecraft For Mobile

Follow the below-mentioned steps to play Minecraft for Mobile.

  • On your mobile, open the ‘’file manager’’ application.
  • For those using the iPad, click on My iPad option.
  • Click on the Minecraft application.
  • Open the game folder.
  • Find and click on the file with the name: com. Mojang folder.
  • Press the icon of the file and hold it for a few seconds to open the menu on the screen.
  • Click on the option to save these files.
  • You need to save this world file in your mobile driver folder. Choose the location where you wish to store the file.
  • Tap on the save option.
  • You have now successfully saved mod Minecraft for iOS. Start the application to register and play your favorite games.

Latest Updates In Minecraft Mod APK Download

Minecraft APK serves a larger and broader demographic spectrum ranging from younger to older audiences. The game caters to all age groups and helps to build and inspire creativity among players. Check out the latest updates made in mod Minecraft for iOS and Android below.

Simple Game Plot

Minecraft’s game plot offers the perfect balance of simplicity and complexity. The game plot is comparatively simple but offers different challenges that make the game more interesting for players. The game is created with a lot of research to ensure that it is comfortable for almost every player.

The plot of this game keeps you hung from the beginning and frequent challenges in the game only increase the player’s suspense and engagement in the game.


Good graphics can easily make or break a game and Minecraft APK is designed with the motive of innovation and exploration. To achieve this, Minecraft makers use colorful graphics and intriguing pictures. Not only this but the plot and weapons in the game are designed with details to give a realistic experience to all players.

So, the game has cool graphics that make it look real especially because of the smart design and intrusive colors of the game. This means you’ll enjoy the game because it feels like you’re part of it.

Advanced Redstone Mechanics

Redstone is one of the most important structures of Minecraft’s engineering and automation structure. In this mod Minecraft for Android, new capabilities are added to the mechanics. You can now use the extra Redstone components to create complicated units and circuits. This also includes creating repeaters, sensors, and judgment gates.

Enhanced Global Generation

The Minecraft game now has better ways of making the worlds, so you’ll see more kinds of landscapes that look more real. The application now features progressed algorithms of the international era ensuring more practical landscapes.

Group Chat

In Minecraft mod apk, you can also create a group chat if you have a diverse team. This will help you to plan your game properly with communication. In the group chat, you can also communicate and instruct your players to target a specific player of the opponent team.

Also, you can communicate in a different language than your native language if you have a diverse team. You can choose between Chinese, Arabic, Italian, and other languages to communicate with your opponents and team members.

Better Multiplayer Options

The mod Minecraft for iOS and Android offers a better option for multiplayer mode. It allows you to collaborate and connect with not only nearby multiplayer but also with players across the globe. You can join available online servers, compete in participant vs participant matches, or build cooperatives. These extended multiplayer options help you connect with more people and learn tactics/ skills of the game from people from all over the world.

Troubleshoot Common Issues In Minecraft APK

Although Minecraft APK is frequently updated to fix bugs and issues with the application, users can still face some issues while using the application. These new updates include biomes, mechanics, monsters, and different modes like multiplayer and single-player mode. Here, we have come up with a troubleshooting guide to help you fix common issues of Minecraft for mobile, PC, iOS, and other platforms.

Error 1: Connection Refused

One of the common errors that you can face while playing Minecraft is a connection refused error. This error generally occurs when you are playing in multiplayer mode and no servers with an IP address are found. The error can occur because of the incorrect IP address or if the server is offline. Therefore, to verify the server status, it is recommended to go to other websites and see if it is working.

To fix this error, you can restart your system and then check if the mod Minecraft APK is working or not. If this doesn’t fix the issue, try updating Java on your system if you are playing Minecraft mod on a PC.

Error 2: Outdated Client

Most people face outdated client errors. You will frequently receive update notifications on mod Minecraft however, there are times when there is a mismatch between the client and server.

To fix the issue, you will have to update the client as per the server’s version. If it shows an outdated server, it means that you are using an older version. Therefore, you’ll have to download and install an updated client server. You can easily perform these actions on the installation tab present on the Microsoft launcher.

Error 3: Java.net. Socket Exception Connection Reset

This is another common issue that you will come across because of the server. This error usually occurs when there is a non-availability of a server or there is no internet connection. The main cause of this error is the connection issues between the client, player, and server, poor internet connection, and server starting issues.

To fix the error, the very first thing you can do is restart your internet connection. Check if your device is connecting to the internet properly or not. Another common fix for this error is to change the DNS server.

Error 4: Bad Connection

The Bad connection error occurs when there is a mismatch between the client and server. This error may also occur when you join the same server immediately after restarting because of the internet connection. Another common reason you would face a bad connection error is that the server is timed out before you can join the server.

To fix the bad connection error in the Minecraft app, the first thing that you need to do is to ensure the status of your server. Check if the server is offline or online. Other than this, we will recommend you see if the client and the server versions are synced or not. It is mandatory that the two versions are synced for the proper functioning of Minecraft mod APK.

Apart from these methods, you must also check your internet connection and make sure that your system is connected to an undisrupted internet connection.

Error 5: Internal Exception Error

The internal exception error occurs when there is no sync between the server and the player. Also, if you go out of sync with the server you wish to join, the error will occur. Another major reason why you can face this error is an unstable internet connection.

To resolve the internal exception issue, you must ensure that you have a fast internet connection. Also, ensure no additional servers are running on your system except Minecraft as this can cause issues with the bandwidth of the server.

Now, apart from the technical issues that you may face while playing Minecraft for mobile, Android, and PC, there are some common mistakes that players make. Below we have mentioned all the common mistakes that people make while playing mod Minecraft apk.

Error 6: Building Flat Walls

One common mistake that players make is that they create flat walls. You must use different blocks and textures to create a wall. Since creativity on Minecraft APK has no limits, you can innovate with the walls as much as you want.

Error 7: Ignoring Important Details

While playing Minecraft, you must look into all the details of house textures. Adding new plants, grasses, walls, finishing details, and trees can help you make the house look beautiful and make the game more fun and exciting for all.

You can do all this easily by using the natural resources present in your surrounding area. Also, you can add tall grass on the oak logs or insert pots to make it look good.

Common Queries About Minecraft APK Vs Roblox

Minecraft is a game of creation, exploration, and survival. The game revolves around the main mechanics of building and mining. Roblox on the other hand is another creativity game. Both games seem the same on the front but the core mechanics are completely different. If you are uncertain about what Minecraft APK is and have some questions about it, we have some answers for you. Check out all the common queries about Minecraft APK vs Roblox that people ask.

Objective of Minecraft

The primary objective of Minecraft is to provide limitless creativity options to players. You can explore, create, and survive in this game. You can use building blocks and creatures to create a world of your choice. In the Minecraft mod app, you can play the game in different modes available, i.e. survival and creative modes.


Minecraft subscriptions cost you around $29.99 and Roblox is free to use. This initial price makes Roblox a better choice for most people. However, you must note that different microtransactions are involved on the platform. This means for some experiences, you will have to pay a certain amount.


When it comes to creativity, you get no better option than Minecraft APK. Since it is a Sandbox game, you can express your creativity and build the world of your imagination. Therefore, for those who wish to use their creativity, Minecraft is the best game. Different modes and adventures make this game more entertaining and engaging for most players.

When it comes to Roblox, there is not much scope for creativity here. Although, you will find multiple games on Roblox and some of them are Minecraft-inspired. Besides everything, you will not get the limitless creativity level like Minecraft in Roblox.

Multiplayer Mode

Almost every game on Roblox allows you to play with other players. So, if you are looking for a multiplayer game or you want to build one, multiplayer mode is simpler on Roblox. To play the game in multiplayer mode, all you need to do is sign in, select your favorite game, and start playing.

In Minecraft, multiplayer mode is quite fun but you need to make some additional settings. Also, you have to pay an extra cost to buy a realm which will eventually add up to extra cost.

Platform Compatibility

Roblox is compatible with almost all platforms including PlayStation, Android, PC, Xbox, iOS, and Meta Quest. On all these platforms, you can play games both in solo and multiplayer mode. However, things are not the same in Minecraft.

You get two versions of Minecraft: Bedrock and Java. You will have to download the Java edition if you are playing on a PC and the Bedrock edition needs to be downloaded for almost every device other than a PC. Both these versions of Minecraft are different in certain things including in-game content as well as player skins and other content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minecraft APK?

Minecraft APK is one of Android’s sandbox online games APK files. Here, you get building blocks, communities, and creatures to create new things or build artwork with different skins and textures.

How can I download Mod Minecraft for Android?

You will have to find a reliable source to perform a Minecraft apk download. It is important to check and verify the source of the Minecraft file to avoid any malware attacks on your system.

Is there a monthly payment for Minecraft?

Using Minecraft launcher is free to use but you have to pay for the game. Different add-ons are available throughout the game including skins that you can purchase to change the appearance of characters.

Can I play multiplayer Minecraft?

Downloading Minecraft mod APK from an unreliable source may restrict you from playing multiplayer games. Official versions of the game offer entry to Minecraft realms which in turn allows you to play multiplayer games. Download Minecraft mod apk from here to play Minecraft multiplayer.

Should I download Java Minecraft APK or Bedrock?

Note that the Java Minecraft apk is available only for Linux, Mac, and PC.  So, if you wish to use the application for any device other than a PC, it is recommended to use the Bedrock edition.

How many players can I add in the Minecraft realm?

You need to know that the owner of the realm has to pay for the subscription and only the owner can invite players. However, the owner can add only 10 more players except him to the realm.

What modes are available in Minecraft?

Two different modes are available in Minecraft APK: creative mode and survival mode. The survival mode on Minecraft is the basic one and generally, for the beginners who wish to know more about the game. Creative mode, on the other hand, is a more advanced and beautiful mode where everything is available at your fingertips and you can create villages and worlds.

Can I activate cheats in survival mode?

No, there are no cheats available in the survival mode. You will find them only in the creative mode.

Is Minecraft safe for my kids?

Minecraft is generally safe to play however, there can be a risk of exposure to foul language and inappropriate content. This generally happens when kids play in multiplayer mode with real people from all around the world.

What is the subscription cost of realms?

Realms is another name for a multiplayer mode that allows you to play games with different people from all over the world. Playing multiplayer mode is not free. You need to pay a subscription cost of $7.99 for it.

Can I play Minecraft on Xbox?

Yes, Minecraft APK is available on Xbox also. You can create an account on Xbox One Live as well.

How many ways are there to play Minecraft?

There are three different modes of Minecraft available including Creative, Survival, and Adventure. Each of these methods has different difficulty levels. You can play the modes you wish depending upon your experience in the game.

Where to get Minecraft for free?

There are different ways to get Minecraft for free. First, you can download mod Minecraft for iOS and Android from a trusted source. Here, downloading from a trusted source is essential to avoid any bugs and viruses. Also, if you wish to play Minecraft for free, you can play the classic version of the application. Lastly, to play the advanced version of Minecraft, you can play the demo version.

How to download mod Minecraft for iOS?

To download mod Minecraft for iOS, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Tap on the download button.
  • The Minecraft Android installer will begin downloading.
  • On the installer window, click on the next option. Choose the location where you wish to install the file.
  • Wait for the file to be downloaded and installed on the system.
  • When done, you can start playing.

Is Minecraft for mobile available?

Yes, the Minecraft bedrock version is available for mobile. So, you can now play Minecraft whenever and wherever possible as the game doesn’t need an internet connection and is now available for mobile phones.


Minecraft is a great game for those who wish to showcase their creativity by crafting a village or world for you. You can easily download Minecraft APK by clicking on the download button and installing it on your device.

Here, you can also play in multiplayer mode to play with real people from all over the world. Although the application is safe for children, the multiplayer mode still poses a threat of exposure to foul language and inappropriate content. Therefore, it is advised to keep a watch on your children.

The game has different modes and each mode has its difficulty levels. Based on your experience with the game, you can choose a mode. Survival mode is the basic mode and creative mode is an advanced mode with almost everything available.

Also, overall Minecraft is quite an enchanting and addictive game with a lot of features, great graphics, and multiple games for all. The official version of Minecraft is not free to use, you can only play the classic version or free trial for free. After that, you will have to buy subscriptions for realms.

Here, you can download Minecraft APK for free for mobile, PC, Mac, and iOS. This Minecraft mod apk file takes less space on your system and is free to use. Also, we understand how important your privacy and data are, hence, we ensure to follow proper measures to keep your data secure.